But I wouldn’t say that we (at The Future Well) look at health from just a medical and emotional perspective. I’d say it’s much more than that. The word health has been hijacked by the medical/sickness industry. But it really means the way you live your everyday life through your relationships with friends, family, your neighborhood, your movement, your food, your experiences, your work, and your finances. Health isn’t a goal, it’s a tool to live your life the way you want. Sometimes being fit isn’t the tool you want to use, but having a lovely marriage is. Is the unfit person with a lovely marriage less healthy than a fit person with a horrible relationship with their spouse? Health is obviously complex but it’s more about sociology and anthropology than pills and scalpels.

Interview: Dr. Jay Parkinson | Made by Many

It’s a bit of a long one, but if you’d like to dive in…

(via jayparkinsonmd)

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