everlastings: aubs’ june 2011 mix

There’s a line in the Phoenix song ‘Rally‘ that I’ve always loved:

Remember the time we talked about everlastings,
Don’t you know we’ll both fall to pieces too.

This past month, it seemed especially fitting. Not quite sure why…maybe because June is my birth month it made me feel more introspective about life and the eventuality of it all. But for the first time, I’ve felt, for lack of a better word, expendible. The impermanence of everything has weighed on me more than ever before, so that the whole concept of anything being everlasting seemed to be a novel concept. We all fall to pieces eventually. (Wow. Hadn’t meant to start off this month’s mix with a huge downer, especially since ‘Rally’ is about hooking up.)

Moving right along, shall we!?

This June Mix brings with it something new; namely, I’ve looked at it more as a Mixtape vs. a mix CD or playlist. As such, it has that quintessential indicator of a mixtape; namely, two sides. So I’ve included an audio reminder of days past, a tape flip sound that my awesome friend Ryan McManus has always included in his mixes and one he is kindly allowing me to borrow. 

In terms of the songs included, there’s some oldies (like ‘Rally’) and Sufjan Stevens’ Chicago. I especially adore the live version of Frightened Rabbit’s “Good Arms vs. Bad Arms”; listen to 4:30 for a line that many often miss (“I am still in love with you, can’t admit it yet”). The newer stuff – Beirut’s ‘East Harlem’ and the very Clap Your Hands Say Yeah-y ‘Same Mistake’ – show off both of those bands’ strengths. I couldn’t make a summer mix without including a Bon Iver song; by the end of the year I’m guessing that every mix will include at least one song off of his eponymous, magnificent (to quote Justin himself) new album. 

The rest I’ll let you discover on your own. Enjoy!
Download “everlastings: aubs june 2011 mix” 

1. Up, Up, Up – Givers
2. Rally – Phoenix
3. Fire Away – Dawes
4. Same Mistake – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
5. Clutching Stems – The Ladybug Transistor
6. Vocal Chords – Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. 
7. Fireworks – Polock
8. East Harlem – Beirut
9. [flip] 

10. Calgary – Bon Iver
11. Circle – J. Mascis
12. Flight 180 – Bishop Allen
13. Without Permission – The National
14. Someone Like You – Adele
15. Chicago – Sufjan Stevens
16. Fix You – Coldplay
17. Good Arms vs. Bad Arms (live) – Frightened Rabbit 

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