…Everything After: Aubs’ August 2011 Mix


Last August, I was in the midst of a transition. I knew that a few things in my life were about to change; there were these impending life moments where I anticipated that, whichever way it turned out, good or bad, there was no going back. 

I was right. It wasn’t nearly as angsty or horrible or painful as I had thought – or perhaps time numbs that pain – but I look back to last year and think “Yeah, August…that was one hell of a month.” And so I called the mix, with a nod to Adam Duritz & his magnificent dreds, “August…and everything after.

Fast forward twelve months and damn, here I am again, reliving history. This past August was, without a doubt, the month where I made more huge lifechanging decisions than ever before. Big ones, people, HUGE. Exciting and terrifying and unprecendented and awesome and, well, I’m not yet revealing them, but all in due time. ALL IN DUE TIME. 

And so like last year’s mix, I return to the same thought that it’s a defining time. And since this is being posted late (shocker!) and August has come & gone in a blaze of post-Mercury-retrograde glory, I’m simply titling it: …Everything After. The songs all have special meanings for me, but for this month, I’ll let them invoke their own stories for you. ENJOY.

1. For The One: WATERS
2. Teenage Wristband: The Twilight Singers
3. Woods: The Rosebuds
4. Lions in Cages: Wolf Gang
5. Junk of the Heart (Happy): The Kooks
6. Closer: Kings of Leon
7. Simple Math: Manchester Orchestra
8. Lucky Now: Ryan Adams
9. Lost In My Mind: The Head and the Heart
10. Fuck This Place: Frightened Rabbit
11. Strictly Game: Harlem Shakes
12. Turning Tables: Adele
13. Beth/Rest (Solo Piano Version): Bon Iver
14. Jar of Hearts (Live at Ocean Way Studios): Christina Perri
15. Wishing Song: The Airborne Toxic Event
16. Foreground: Grizzly Bear
17. Weather of a Killing Kind: The Tallest Man on Earth 

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