Spiralling: Aubs Sept. 2011 Mix

On my last day in SF, I made sure to do something extremely important: Upload this mix to my server. Because, you see, I realized I wouldn’t have a computer for a few weeks and seriously wanted to get ahead of my game. FOR ONCE. Alas, here we are, approaching mid-October, and you know what they say about best-laid plans. (They say I should stop making them.)

Regardless, this mix was thrown together a bit more quickly than ones in the past, and I don’t even have one song queued up on the October mix. (UPDATE: Since I started this draft yesterday, I know have two. That’s progress, friends.) September, as it often is, was a whirlwind. Leaving my job. Traveling. Packing. Reconnecting with people. Moving 3000 miles away. You know, your typical month. And yet there’s some of my favorite songs on this mix. It’s a good mix of new releases and older classics…Elliott Smith’s Waltz #2 still pervades my soul, so I included a live version of it. Atlas Genius’ single, “Trojans”, is being widely touted as a new hit from this Australian band (and you know how I feel about Australians. In case you don’t, the word “addicted” comes to mind.) Death Cab for Cutie ended their show at the Hollywood Bowl with Transatlanticism, and I’ve yet to stop thinking about it. As for Fade Into You, well, it’s always given me goosebumps too. 

I’ve recently realized how much I’ve been introduced to new music through the amazing DJs onSirius XMU, especially Jake Fogelnest and Josiah. Without a car these days, I’m going to need to be more active in music discovery, so if you all have suggestions on what you’re digging lately, leave ‘em in the comments, Tweet me at @aubs or email ‘em to me.

In the meantime, enjoy my (belated as usual) monthly mix for September: Spiralling.

1. This is Why We Fight: The Decemberists
2. Spiralling: Keane
3. All I Ever Wanted: The Airborne Toxic Event
4. Balance: Future Islands
5. Boys Around Here: Fences
6.  You Said: The Horrors
7. Still New: Smith Westerns
8. Morning Thought: Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.
9. My Mistakes: Eleanor Friedberger
10. The Look: Metronomy
11. Midnight City: M83
12. Time Won’t Let Me Go: The Bravery
13. Trojans: Atlas Genius
14. Video Games: Lana Del Ray
15. Transatlanticism: Death Cab for Cutie
16. Waltz #2 (live): Elliott Smith
17. Fade Into You: Mazzy Star 

(In case you missed it, I posted all of my monthly mixes in one spot HERE.) 

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