What’s next.

Seven months ago, I left San Francisco. I moved to New York for a lot of reasons, but mostly, because it was time to try something new. To be uncomfortable in my surroundings, to challenge myself with a newer (to me), harsher, harder city. To fulfill my desire to live in Manhattan before I got all domestic and did things like “settle down”, get myself hitched and have lots of babies. (LOTS.) I wanted to live in this city to see if I could do it.

I left a fabulous job at Facebook to fulfill this dream. Since then, I’ve chosen to try something new, to take on a consulting role at a large company (NASDAQ) and to start working with a handful of startups to guide them on their marketing & communications. I’ve enjoyed this; nay, I’ve loved it. It’s been incredibly fulfilling to work with talented, driven people to help build their product & community, to see the value & importance that they place in marketing. It’s been rewarding and it’s been fun and it’s been challenging and it’s been awesome. It taught me so much about how to start my own company while working with people who were starting their own as well. It reminded me how much I enjoyed working for startups in the past; I often wax poetic about the ‘good ol’ days’ at Digg. And so it was in that spirit that I decided to halt my plans to build out my marketing consultancy and chose to join a startup myself.

Today is my second day as the VP of Marketing for Sailthru, a New York startup who has built an unparalleled behavioural communications platform. As a marketer, I have personally gone through the drudgery of choosing & installing an email service provider. It’s timely, costly, and often you don’t get all of the features you were promised. (Lots of smoke & mirrors in this industry.) As an individual, I’m inundated by marketing emails that clutter up my inbox; there’s only a handful of them that I open, and the ones that I do are solely based on their relevancy to me (i.e., opt-in for concert reminders, awesome product curation from Fab, etc.) So when I was introduced to Neil Capel & we talked about what his team & company were building, I was immediately intrigued. In short, Sailthru is smart. REALLY smart. (So is Neil, and he has a lovely British accent, to boot.) Sailthru provides a platform for companies to communicate with their customers, and does so in a way that makes it relevant to them via email, on their websites & more. It solves my need as a marketer for efficient communication methods and solves my frustration as an individual because the content I’m consuming is actually relevant to me. In a world where we are quick to condemn email as a vile timesuck, I’d challenge that it’s not the communication method, but the content itself, that needs addressing. And as someone who makes her livelihood by helping to simplify & clarify communications, I’m psyched to be working with a platform that’s leading the industry to help do just that.

So this is what’s next, my next big adventure here in the greatest city in the world. And I couldn’t be more excited.

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