Sailthru Blog: Sailthru Named one of Crunched’s Top Startups


We’ve long been expounding the virtues of Sailthru – albeit, we’re a bit biased – so it means even more when we’re recognized for the hard work we’re doing here. So we’re thrilled to have been chosen by Crunched as one of the “Top 26 Startups to Sell For”. The competition was vigorous, with…

AWW YEAH. Here’s the full text about Sailthru: 

If you want your customer to feel that you’re talking to each of them individually about their preferences, their interests and the like, Sailthru should be your go-to product. The coolest thing about the product? Their ability to marry two marketing essentials – exceptional email delivery and behavior targeting. Oh, and they know neat things like people spend an average of 28 days on email a year. Now they’ve checked off the great product, the tons of money they’ve raised and their coolness quotient is high considering fun things they know that could empower companies, but what about their employee culture? Well. They call themselves a quirky company, and maybe it’s because their booze to caffeine ratio is 3:5, or maybe it’s because they give you unlimited vacation days. Whatever it is that makes them quirky, we like. We’re big fans of their policy to give autonomy to employees, conducting mandatory beer cruises and their SoHo home. Are you feeling the wind in your sails yet? ‘Coz we certainly are.

Sailthru Blog: Sailthru Named one of Crunched’s Top Startups

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