If you’ve ever been lucky enough to see Frightened Rabbit live, you know the best part of the concert is the energy. Not just by frontman Scott Hutchison and the rest of the extremely-talented five-piece band, but by the audience. They’re transfixed, a mixed group of equal parts young(ish) men & women who have heard their music, obsessed over the lyrics and made a sometimes-lengthy trek to be in the presence of their favorite band. And not only do Frightened Rabbit not disappoint, but they enthrall.

With this latest release, Pedestrian Verse, Frightened Rabbit bring back the painfully raw (and hauntingly authentic) lyrics that made Midnight Organ Fight a standard for any breakup on both continents, but also that energy that fans have come to expect in person. It marries the best parts of this group and does so with aplomb. The third word in the first sentence of the first song is a curse word; the sentence continues and immediately draws you into the story that nearly every song explores. These latest songs are sure to perform well in concert, but until you can get to that packed, sweaty venue that sells out within minutes to hear them live, this is a solid substitute to capture your attention, and if history repeats itself, obsession.

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