Help Us Build Houses & Win Sonos!


It’s nearing the end of my Many Hopes campaign and we’ve got a ways to go to hit my personal goal of $5000. (We’ve currently received $425 in donations from you generous, generous friends, but still have about 90% to go.) So, incentives. (Read: bribery!)

Anyone who donates $25 between now and next Wednesday Friday, Dec. 6th will be entered into a drawing to win a Sonos Play:3. (And yes, if you’ve already donated, you’re eligible too.) My amazing friends at Sonos have been a huge supporter of me for years and are kind enough to donate one of their (seriously) life-changing speakers to this cause. And since donations are doubled, your $25 actually brings $50 to helping build four boys’ homes in Kenya. 


So thank you if you’ve already made a donation and if you haven’t yet, now’s your time…and the best speaker system around is just an added bonus!

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