Help Us Build Houses & Win Sonos!


It’s nearing the end of my Many Hopes campaign and we’ve got a ways to go to hit my personal goal of $5000. (We’ve currently received $425 in donations from you generous, generous friends, but still have about 90% to go.) So, incentives. (Read: bribery!)

Anyone who donates $25 between now and next Wednesday Friday, Dec. 6th will be entered into a drawing to win a Sonos Play:3. (And yes, if you’ve already donated, you’re eligible too.) My amazing friends at Sonos have been a huge supporter of me for years and are kind enough to donate one of their (seriously) life-changing speakers to this cause. And since donations are doubled, your $25 actually brings $50 to helping build four boys’ homes in Kenya. 


So thank you if you’ve already made a donation and if you haven’t yet, now’s your time…and the best speaker system around is just an added bonus!

recently posted about my involvement with Many Hopes, a charity near to my heart. We’re currently raising money to build four boys homes in Kenya, getting 60 young boys off the streets and into a safe home with education, medical care and most importantly, love. View the video above to see why this is so important to me.

I need your help.

I’ve set a goal to raise $5000 and right now, every dollar you donate will be matched. So if you give $5, that turns into $10. $50 becomes $100. Every dollar you donate goes directly to building these homes. You can donate here.

Please share this campaign so we can help spread the word; your support means the world to me. THANK YOU.

Many Hopes

I met Thomas last November at a dive bar in New York. It was not his Irish accent that first charmed me; nor was it his dashing good looks and quick wit. (Though those were a close second, to be fair.) It was his story. Thomas is the co-founder of Many Hopes, an organization building homes and schools for boys and girls in Kenya. The mission is much larger, though. Many Hopes also creates local businesses to sustain the cause, empowering a generation who will one day rise up to help defeat the causes of extreme poverty. I love people who think – and act – big. Thomas is just that.

Over the past year, I’ve not only gotten to know Thomas much better, but have become very involved with Many Hopes. Right after I left my job in early June, I immediately reached out to Thomas to see how I could help. With some time on my hands during my sabbatical, I wanted to be able to give some of my time and talent to a cause I believe in. Many Hopes is this cause. And today, we’re launching the most ambitious goal to-date: Raising $300,000 to build four boys’ homes in Kenya. I would love your support.

I’ve started a campaign page where you can donate to this extremely worthy cause. If you can give a dollar, THANK YOU. If you can give five, ten, twenty, or much more, know that every single dollar that we raise goes directly to building these homes and getting young boys off the street and into a place where they can receive the care, education and love that is so very needed. And if you’re not able to give today, the campaign extends through November 24th…please help us spread the word by sharing this post & the campaign with your friends and networks. Every little bit helps.

I’ll be updating our progress over the coming weeks, and you can learn more about the Breaking Ground Campaign and why it’s so very important. This has truly become a cause that I’m passionate about; I’m thrilled to be traveling to Kenya in early December to meet with these very boys and girls that we’re helping. Just know that we can’t do it without you, and your help is so very appreciated. Thank you for literally saving lives and giving these kids the childhood that they’ve been missing.

rickwebb’s tumblrmajig: On wealth


I think it’s time I talked about money for a little bit. This will be slightly awkward but I would like to get it off my chest, because I can often see people wanting to ask me, and some brave souls just go for it. Gotta admire those people. No fear.

I took a timid step at this in the past,…

I love Rick Webb so very much. For his brilliance, his support AND his transparency. I have a draft of a post that I’m now inspired to publish due to this on topics I think warrant more transparency…thanks, Rick, for the little above I needed. And for being you.

rickwebb’s tumblrmajig: On wealth