My apologies…

So much to say, so much to say … with my apologies to Dave Matthews, of course. But the sentiment remains.

Some status updates for your enquiring minds (read: I don’t think I’m prolific enough to write anything if it doesn’t exist in list format at this state. My apologies to YOU, the World Wide Interweb, for that.)

The house
– if possible, it exists in even MORE disarray than before, the aftermath of getting everything out of storage last weekend and finding that I have probably been keeping Rubbermaid in business with the purchase of their storage bins.

The puppy – she’s getting her last (!!) round of shots today, rendering her a fantastic candidate for Doggie Day Care. (Trust me, this puppy has more energy than I, or even her trainer, know what to do with. I’m guessing she’ll never have a weight problem.)

The job – Busy, busy, busy. Freelancing is running amok as well, and I have since coined myself Cheezy McCheezealot (my apologies to my guy-friend for this vernacular) after ending an article on Paulding County with a one-word paragraph – “Indeed.”

The health – Eye surgery…I survived. Harder than I had expected, but for a gal who has worn glasses since 3rd grade, being able to actually SEE in the shower is a new experience. (So THAT’S why I always missed shaving the hairs on my knees…) However, after surgery, moving, a weeks worth of screaming at every customer service representative known to man as well as running home nearly every day at lunch to try and meet some delivery-person or repairman, et. al, it’s no wonder I’m now un-officially sick. (And for those who don’t know the difference between Aubrey Officially Sick and Aubrey Un-officially sick, the former involves much whining; the latter involves too much to do to have time to do the whining. Plus, talking without coughing in this case is more than a bit difficult.)

The wedding – Mine? You jest. This is just highlighting the beginning of the official wedding season; aka, every weekend in the summer. We’ve got three this month alone, one in June, two in August, with bachelorette parties, et. al. to boot. But – if you can believe it – I’m FINALLY caught up on my gift-giving! Wonders never cease.

The pictures – From many an evening on the town, with many a beer to be spilled, with a few including a Viking helmet and sword (you’ll have to see it to believe it) and even an Indian headdress from this past weekend’s jaunt to New Orleans, they’re coming. I promise.

Because right now, the shower is calling me, Lila Belle is nearly late for her puppy appt, and this girl is still wondering how people get by on DIAL-UP. Because really – Comcast? If you don’t get yo’ ass out here DAMN skippy, I’m gonna lose it on yet another one of your customer service reps. And – ask any T-Mobile or Home Depot rep you know – it’s not a pretty day to witness an Aubrey spurned. (My apologies to them…actually, I take that back. They deserved it.)

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