In Brief


I’m still in Maui, which means I **shouldn’t** be on the computer. But, we all know me, we all know that getting my pictures up here (just a few of the 312 I’ve taken thus far as a start) is important, so please, no lectures. I’m relaxing…I’m relaxing…I’m repeating this as my mantra. It’s sort of working.

I’ve bachelorette-partied. I’ve rehearsal dinnered. I’ve weddinged with the best wedding date I’ve ever, ever had. I’ve enjoyed a balcony. I’ve stayed up REALLY late. I’ve swam in the ocean before 8am. I’ve hiked on lava rock. I’ve snorkeled. I’ve sunned. Seriously, I’ve been busy in the past 5 days; the fact that I have another week to go continues to shock me.

So you’ll excuse me while I go and eat some guacamole, take a late-afternoon nap, and do – well – nothing. While I’m gone, click on the fabulous wedding with the fabulous sunset picture above to see a brief sampling of what I’ve been doing as of late.

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