Best Wedding Ever

When I left for San Francisco, I was only supposed to be here for a short time – 6 weeks at the most. As such, I brought some clothes (that turned out to be very aseasonal), my dog (who turned out to have an aversion to peeing on anything but grass) and a bit of my work stuff, computer included. What I DIDN’T bring, however, was my calendar.

As one of those people who has to maintain various calendars to attempt to figure out where I should be (not to mention when) I’m sure I could have gotten by with my stupid work electronic one as well as the big wall calendar I also had. But old habits die hard and I love me my "At a Glance Quick Notes Academic Calendar" , not only for the happy yellow stripes and notes section on each week. Type A’s, you’d love this.

Anyway, the absence of this calendar sent me nearly over the edge, so I asked my good pal Jessica to send it to me. Ever-the prompt one, she sent it to me straightaway, and only a few days later did I realize that she had added her own personal touches to the calendar. She had gone through and strategically placed hilarious mini post-it notes on just about every other week: these included my favorite, on January 1st: "Crystal Ball Prediction…Aubrey has a hangover!" (I think this lady is psychic…)

Fast forward a few months…each new week I find myself cracking up over the various notes and it makes me feel not nearly as far away as I am from Atlanta and, specifically, my dear friends. As I’m getting my stuff ready this past week to go to Jessica & Andrew’s wedding, I found that Jessica really does have psychic powers. I found the following post-it (which I promptly photographed to share with you!) and I’d have to say, she was pretty darn accurate on the status of her nuptials.


Want to see more? (All 200 of ’em?) Click on the photo above. You won’t be disappointed.


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