How Aubrey got her groove back

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Ok, well I never really LOST my groove per se, but I liked the title of that. It works, ya know?

Anyhoo, check out the above video: as promised, you’ll see that I kicked some serious ass.

Want more? See the snaps below, or check out the entire group o’ Flickr photos from Coachella – more to come once I get some more ‘borrowed’ pics or perhaps if/when I ever get my camera un-misplaced.




3 thoughts on “How Aubrey got her groove back

  1. So I got my ass kicked. I suck.
    I can do nothing but you give you the Shocker, and hang my head in shame. Sigh.
    P.S. Can I get my groove back when you’re donwe with it? Or maybe just borrow some of yours? Thanks.

  2. As the judge for the event in which Aubrey regained her groove, I feel I should make a statement.
    Jason forced a questionable tie in the first round: though he and Aubrey threw down their cups in unison, Jason only managed to get half of his beer down his throat, with most of the rest ending up on his shirt.
    At his insistence, round 2 commenced (see above video), and it was during this round that Aubrey struck her hammer blow, nearly double-timing him in a massive onslaught of chugging mayhem. I’m don’t think I’ve ever seen a $7 Heineken disappear that fast. It was a truly remarkable display of speed-drinking prowess, and I am honored to have witnessed it.

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