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The whole set!, originally uploaded by Aubs.

Prom – I remember it like it was yesterday. Trying to find the perfect dress, looking for matching (comfortable) shoes, arranging for transportation, deciding where to eat, not to mention pre-prom-prepping…hair and makeup had to be just perfect, all-the-while getting butterflies of excitement in your tummy. The big night had FINALLY arrived and I couldn’t wait.

Then again, it WAS just yesterday…or, more accurately, the day before. This wasn’t your typical prom, it was PROMSUMATING.

Sponsored by, they brilliantly planned a prom for all us Geekyfantastic-ites here in San Francisco, and it brought us right back to our own proms, with a twist or two. There were promises of Kissing Booths (which there were), Spanking Booths (we didn’t have THOSE at Westlake High School in 1995) and even karaoke (aka, The Whole Reason That Daisy Came™.) Condoms and lube were offered at the bar, and while the drinks COULD have been a bit bigger for $8, our pre-promsumating-party made a pitcher of water sufficient for my inbibation needs. There were limos, prom dresses, polaroids, pre-parties, hotel post-parties, and even the requisite drama that you’d expect from the self-annointed Prom (Drama) Queen, yours truly. I take my role VERY seriously. Suffice it to say that Debauchery – and DebauchAubrey, for that matter – ensued.

Prom: Not just for the kids anymore.

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