There are many ways to spend your Valentine’s Day.

Some choose to go out with their sweetheart, celebrating the day that Hallmark loves with a fancy dinner on the town.
Others opt to stay in, either celebrating in private (for those à deux) or perhaps lamenting that most hated day for many singletons by themselves.
And yet others, those fine folks that are single (like me) and loving it (sometimes like me), decide to throw caution to the wind and head out to an event to CELEBRATE their singledom. Like me. And yet this year, the hangover I’ll (likely) have on Friday will be all worth it since I’m raising money for charity.

Specifically, I’m RAFFLING MYSELF OFF to raise money for charity.

Yes, you read that correctly – my friend Dan throws this kick-ass party every year to raise money for this fantastic charity – and each year raffles off eligible bachelors & bachelorettes with all proceeds going to the kids. And this year, he asked me to be one of the lovely ladies.

Here’s the deal:

It’s only $1 to buy a ticket, and since I want to help as much as I can, figured I’d open up the raffle to y’all as well! So, for each and every one of you that donates (use the button below) I’ll put a ticket in my designated bucket (oh, the glee I’ve had from getting to use that phrase lately!) and if you win, I’ll buy us a round of drinks. If we can’t work out the logistics, I’ll send you something awesome. Like a Mix CD. Or an autographed photo of my dog. Or something…we’ll be creative. I’ve left the item amount empty so you can donate as much as you want – for every $1 you donate, I’ll put in a raffle ticket. (So, if you REALLY want to up your odds, throw in $10. Or, you know, a grand. Whatever feels right.) Just make sure you put in your real email address when you donate so I can get in touch with you. Drinking alone is SO 2007.

So, please take a moment to click that little orange button below and you never know, the next drink you’ll have may be on me…

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