Contextual advertising gone awry


There’s apparently a service for everything these days. Why it came up on my Gmail ad stream, however, is a bit disturbing. Does Gmail think that I should join to FIND one or to BE one?

2 thoughts on “Contextual advertising gone awry

  1. Since the call to action is “Looking for a Cougar?”, I guess it is looking for one (versus BEING one).
    On the MySpace contextual ads, I always get”Learn Russian”, “Join the CIA Clandestine Services” and “Date a Russian Woman”. I kid you not.

  2. LOL. I got here accidentally via Willo’s FB profile.
    That’s too funny. My gf just turned 30 (and lives in the Marina. Cliche I know.), I told her she could be a panther sorta like a younger, sleeker cougar.

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