Please help Little Storm


Twitter, for many of us, is fast becoming our daily (often quickest) source of news. I hear about Breaking News, stupid Internet memes, and – occasionally – really good causes that I can get behind. The latter is the case of Little Storm.

Basically, this sweet puppy was hit by a car in Salt Lake City, and cars simply dodged this injured dog in the road instead of stopping to help it. That is, until the Fellows Family stepped in. The dog – who they’ve named "Storm" due to the rainy day that they first found her – had been microchipped and basically discarded/abandoned by two other families in her young life. The Fellows family decided to help, even in the face of mounting vet bills. You see, Storm now needs extensive surgery for her broken legs and pelvis, surgery that this kind-hearted family can’t afford. They’ve become "Good Samaritan with a bigger heart than wallet."

I know there are many fake stories like this out there, but upon reading it I had a feeling this was the real deal; I verified it with the Vet in Salt Lake City, and donated not only whatever balance I had in my paypal account but also made a direct contribution to the Vet to help offset some of the cost of Storm’s forthcoming surgery. If we get 4000 people to just donate ONE DOLLAR, the surgery will be paid for. (And as of today, kind-hearted people just like you have already donated over $750, so we’re well on our way to helping this sweet dog.) I can’t lie – it moved me so much more since Storm looks SO much like my beloved Lila Belle, and I can’t imagine something happening to her. And I firmly believe that good begets good, and that someday I may be in a situation where perfect strangers can help me when I need it most.

So please, if you have a dollar – or want to skip your daily coffee today – please take three minutes to either call Central Valley Vet Hospital at 801-487-1321 or donate via PayPal to "". Consider it your good deed of the day and know that you’re helping a sweet animal in need. (And that you have my eternal admiration.)

UPDATE: Please Digg the story here to help spread the word!

One thought on “Please help Little Storm

  1. Aubrey,
    Thanks so very much for bringing this story to our attention.
    It’s people like the Fellows Family that make this world worth living in!!!
    My girlfriend and I will donate what ever I can:)
    On another note, I am so glad you have found a home @digg, after Keep up the good work:)

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