Why Phoenix’s “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” will be deemed my favorite album of 2009

I didn’t think that Rome, my new favorite song from Phoenix’s “Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix” album, could sound any better than when I heard it live the other week at The Warfield, and then Neighbors with Devendra Banhart came and just blew all of that right out of the water. 

To quote Devendra, as written on Phoenix’s blog
“Like a lazy Ukulele, softly strummed among the ocean side palms, Neighbors and Devendra have longed to remix ANY Phoenix tune.
We LOVE and have LOVED Phoenix since Alphabetical, and have wanted to do more than just ogle at their awesomeness for quite some time. With the release of their luminary Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix we got the chance to un-floccinaucinihilipilificate our dreams and with awesome, oceanic glee, we took Rome for a ride….. a mellow, meditative one, let’s bring out the candle-lit side, a side of the song suited for lucubration ! Cheeze whizz penis feels like a Burberrys still allowed was the name of studio we met at, had we been there before ? Was it all a dream ?………………”

My only wish was that the song was a bit longer, but this ephemeral mix fits well as the days get shorter and we find ourselves longing for just a few more hours of sunlight. Leaves us wanting, which is hauntingly perfect for the Fall.

Rome – Neighbours With Devendra Banhart Remix by Phoenix  
Download now or listen on posterous

Rome – Neighbours with Devendra Banhart Remix.mp3 (6981 KB)

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