recently posted about my involvement with Many Hopes, a charity near to my heart. We’re currently raising money to build four boys homes in Kenya, getting 60 young boys off the streets and into a safe home with education, medical care and most importantly, love. View the video above to see why this is so important to me.

I need your help.

I’ve set a goal to raise $5000 and right now, every dollar you donate will be matched. So if you give $5, that turns into $10. $50 becomes $100. Every dollar you donate goes directly to building these homes. You can donate here.

Please share this campaign so we can help spread the word; your support means the world to me. THANK YOU.


A New Perspective of the Day: This is What Hanging Out Looks Like in 2013

Check out “I Forgot My Phone,” a short film that paints a bleak and eerily accurate picture of what hanging out with friends actually looks like in today’s mobile age.

The irony of me watching this on my iPhone while playing ball with my dog doesn’t escape me.


Kitty Pryde – Okay Cupid

This song! Wow. Got white-hot in 0.2 hype seconds for good reason. Not ashamed to love it, catchy and fresh as hell.

Props to Tyler’s PRTLS post + interview for mining this three weeks ago.


produced directed filmed everything by bryan mckay and shannen ortale

song produced by beautiful lou

STARRING britney m and annie t

i should have washed my hair first

maybe got my makeup done. w/e

I wanted to hate this. It’s impossible to…”I wait for your drunk dials at 3:30am” is so insanely catchy.