Re-do, Redoux

Like I mentioned the other day, this lovely little site is getting a makeover, both in terms of functionality as well as aesthetics. (I mean really, I’m no longer becoming less jaded every day, though I still DO believe that it’s easier to leave than to be left behind. But I digress.) Anyway, it’s long overdue, and though I’ve been so busy I haven’t even spent time over-analyzing the things I normally over-analyze (ok, I haven’t spent that MUCH time), it’s been on my personal ‘to-do’ list (along with spend more time freelancing, become famous, and make out with Michael Vartan) for quite a while, and it’s about time to cross something off. Until Mr. Vartan comes knocking down my door (which really may happen one of these days), I suppose I’ll have to settle for a nerdy website redesign.

Which, speaking of, is probably going to cause a little ‘work in progress’. First, the URL may not work for a couple of days. (Hopefully not that long, but honestly, I know SO little about the whole DNS thingie and content management system installation, it’s not even funny.) So, if you end up coming here in days to come, jot this address down in the meantime:

That will work (even when isn’t.)

Also, since the redesign comes directly from Aubs’ House o’ Ghetto Design Skills (read: none), please bear with me when it looks like my site is gray, ugly, and nasty. Because, trust me, it will. And while you’re being patient, why not send me some suggestions that you’d like to see on it? (Some things I’ve been contemplating:

  • Links to my freelancing articles…you NEVER can have too much fashion advice.
  • Picture of the day/week (though I’m not as consistent as I used to be, so this might not be possible
  • Rotating header (though I have no idea how to do this)

What else? I’d love to hear your ideas – simply email it to me.

So that’s the scoop…thanks in advance for your patience, and I promise I’ll write more than I have lately, and that it may even discuss topics like:

  • The difficulty of closing salutations
  • My true thoughts on advanced degrees
  • My top 10 worst “boyfriend” (and by ‘boyfriend’, I use that term VERY lightly) list

…and more.

See you around!

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