Beijing, the first of many surreal observations

In cab in Beijing. They are playing whale nature videos in the sun visor with Richard Marx’s “Right Here Waiting” (instrumental) in the background as the dolphins jump waves and the humpback whales…um, the whales, uh, hump?

It is a romantic song, after all. Can’t say I blame them.

One thought on “Beijing, the first of many surreal observations

  1. I heard “Right Here Waiting” the last time I got my haircut, on the soft-rock station at Jamie’s Hair & Nails in Sunnyvale. It brought me right back to the Summer between 7th and 8th grade in NYC, which I spent right there waiting for my then-girlfriend to come back from camp and dump me. Needless to say, when I hear that song now, I’m filled with a mixture of nostalgia and rage. Damn you Richard Marx. Damn you and your mediocre (if catchy) broken-heart ballads.

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