Percoset Nonsequitors

I’ve started cooking again. It’s amazing how full the fridge can get with leftovers. It’s amazing how good the leftovers can taste when you know they’re free. It’s amazing how many loads of dishes you have to do when you cook 2-3 meals a day. WOW. The things that The Goog deprives us of…buying inordinate amounts of dishwashing soap.

"The Office" is hilarous. Reminds me of my days working as a consultant for the government, except I never had an unrequited crush on any of the barely-educated, toothless formerly-street walking employees I loathed to call colleagues.

It’s hot in San Francisco.

I hadn’t realized the true worth of Ambien…it’s not that it lets me fall asleep (I can do that anywhere, anytime), it’s that it actually lets me SLEEP. The type of sleep where you open your eyes in this lovingly, swaddled land of heaven only to find that it was just 2am. ONLY 2am! I have SO MUCH MORE of this amazing sleep to keep sleeping! I praise thee, pharmaceutical geniuses!

I think I should revise the title of this post to read Percoset/Ambien Nonsequitors. It’s that time…and after the day I had, I deserve an early bed time.

(But egads! It’s 20 minutes late! Nine THIRTY is my bedtime, not nine FIFTY. Us old timers get forgetful in our age apparently.)

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