Missing in Action

I’ve been MIA, I know it. I’ve gotten a ton of emails asking where I was, why I wasn’t posting, and what was going on in my life.

In summary, a LOT.

After giving notice to Google, I was told that Monday, May 7th would be my last day; note that I had only planned on a week’s vacation before I started at my new job (which, by the way, to answer many of your questions, is an Online Marketing Manager for Ask.com). But this gave me not just one week, but THREE! So I decided it was due time I chill out, reassess, and get my life back in order. In short, I needed to take a bit of time off while I was taking a bit of time off.

And I did! ‘Twas glorious! I worked out (nearly) every day, providing me with fantastic content for future posts about "My Workout Class". (Yes, that’s what I call it, just like your Grandmother does.) I went to Kauai – by myself, something I hadn’t realized was rare and/or enviable but apparently was – spent much-needed time with my darling Lila Belle and got myself ready for this next, exciting chapter in my life.

But that’s not all! I went to a Giants Game, and had a blast, even if I DID lose my Foam Finger. RIP.

They even gave us a scoreboard message! WAHOO!

I had a mini-going away party…

Daisy turned 30, and we celebrated in style.

Then I went to Kauai. I laid by the pool, drank fruity beverages, and was in bed by  9pm every night. (This is how us ‘almost-30s’ folk party. whee.)

Then I came back, celebrated Jesse’s 30th party by saluting that quintessential 90’s movie we all know and love, Wayne’s World. PARTY ON!


The next day, we had Bay to Breakers. For those of you not in San Francisco, this is a "race" that spans from one side of the city to the next, 7 miles in total. While there are SOME runners that take it seriously, it’s mainly an excuse to dress up in something ridiculous (or go naked, as many unfortunate souls choose to do), and drink all the way. Around mile 3, where I live, it got a bit insane. (To note, we made it to the Ocean. Of course, we started at mile 3, but still…)


I think my favoritest thing of my entire ‘vacation’ was the last day – Jordan’s Memorial Day party. We sat in the hot tub (some, like me, stayed in there for nearly five hours) and afterwards, ate, drank and played Dance, Dance Revolution.

So, that’s where I’ve been. That’s what I’ve been doing. And now it’s back to the grindstone (I started work on Tuesday) but never fear, more fun is ahead.

After all, today begins the last week of my 20’s. Seven more days until the BIG one…if my 30’s are ANYTHING like my 20’s, I just can’t wait.

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