On Vox: Misnomered

So after having it on my To-Do list for over a year, I FINALLY got something up that loosely resembles a Writing Portfolio Site. The problem? It’s currently NAMED “Aubrey’s Writing Portfolio”. Hi, future employers who want a creative writer, I’m sorry my creativity doesn’t scale to the name of my website. Love, Aubrey.

Seriously, though, I’m stuck. I’ve tried to think up unique names, but “Wordsmitten.com” was already taken, killing my short-lived elation for my wittiness. I love the word “Belletrist” (definition: A writer of belles-letters, works known for their eloquent style and aesthetic value) but Belletrista.com (which I own) seems like “Belle” and “Trista”. While I congratulate the former “Bachelorette” on her new baby, I don’t think I’m down with a whole site honoring how pretty she is. Call me crazy.

Of course, I suppose I could use one of my other domain names, but I just don’t think they convey exactly what I’m looking for. To note:

  • DebauchAubrey: Often true, but probably not professional enough.
  • Aubvious.com: AUBSOLUTELY fantastic, but doesn’t scream professionalism.
  • Aubsolutely.com: AUBVIOUSLY awesome, but not professional enough. (Are you sensing a trend here?)
  • Aubs.tv: Being saved for that day when I say ‘To Hell with it all!’ and become a full-time LifeBlogger

I could go on, but suffice it to say that I don’t have the right name and have been wracking my brain for weeks now, to no avail.

I reached out to my supergreat friend HelenJane who just launched her own marketing company, Maplevine.com, and asked for tips. As smart as ever, she had made a few lists of things that represented her life – growing up in Wisconsin, her work in the wine industry – and VOILA! She put them together and out came Maplevine, the rousing success-in-the-works. So I tried that…only to decide that “LilaBelleVodka.com” just wasn’t saying the right thing.

So, I figured I should turn to you, Internets. Y’all have come through for me before, and I’m counting on you again. Help me name my writing site – currently hosted at: http://www.aubreysabala.com/belletrista until I can decide upon the name and completely redesign the whole thing – and make me the happiest unemployed freelance writer around.

The End,
Love Aubrey

PS: And yes, I own that too.

Originally posted on aubs.vox.com

3 thoughts on “On Vox: Misnomered

  1. I like your portfolio site. Since when have you worried so much about being professional? I have an idea I want to talk to you about when we are in NC. I would like your input. Can’t wait to see you!

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