A world away

Greetings from sunny Santa Barbara! In case you were following, Miss Lila Belle and I packed up the car – replete with her puppy bed and new bones and new water bowls – and trekked down to SoCal to hang with my friend Kim. Now awake and active FAR too early on a Saturday morning, Lila is stretching out on the floor, I’m reading my Blogliness and Kim, too, is on the computer having fun on the Internets.

Yes. It’s 8:07am and we clearly are geeks.

But it’s September 1st, everyone, and I’m trying to post every day! Ali is doing this as well, I see, so it’s good to have a partner in crime in my lil’ goal here.

So, Hello World. The weekend’s upon us and I may as well use this time to do something productive. Like, you know, shower. And brunch. And all the fun things one can do in a new city where the sun is out and the concept of fog is just that – a concept – instead of the summer reality that it is in San Francisco. And yes, let it be known that I DO drive with my seat heaters on. In August. In California.

SoCal – just 338 miles door-to-door from my happy abode to Kim’s cozy apartment – really is a world away. I didn’t use my seat heaters ONCE.

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