Am in the midst of posting my "Year in Review" post, and realized that this year I didn't make resolutions. Or at least didn't write them down…I think the craziness at the end of the year + Sundance + the Inauguration kind of got in the way. (Um, not complaining there!)  Though it IS kind of a shame, because I'm pretty sure I checked off quite a few of them, something I can't always say from the past.

Found these in my jewelry box, where I've clearly been saving them for 15 years, and looks like not that much has changed. 

Aubrey's 1996 New Years Resolutions

#1: Stop letting boys with girlfriends kiss me
#2: Listen to my own advice
#3: Find something/someone to love
#4: Stop letting myself get hurt
#5: Stop swearing
#6: No more french fries

Just when you think you've come a long way…

IMG_1965 copy

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