humor me…

So, it’s like this. This is what I want. This is what I’m asking (no, begging, pleading, and cajoling) you to do.

Leave me a comment.

“A comment?” you say. “What if I don’t have anything to say?”

Well, then, say that.

“But Aubrey,” you say, “What if I think your post is horrific, sucks in ways that I didn’t think things could really suck until I read this, and basically hate and abhor what you wrote?”

I suppose you can say that, but be kind — my ego can be fragile at times.

“But what if I liked what you wrote,” the kind, sweet person that you are says, “What should I say then?”

Oh, you are too kind and you flatter me. But flatter me in a comment, I ask.

Here. I’ll even make it clear for you. Here’s a SUPER example of people commenting their little hearts out and, heck, I’m jealous.

I promise it’s easy, even for the more technologically challenged of you. Just click on ‘Your Thoughts’ below and, intuitively enough, you enter your thoughts.

You got me here? You feelin’ my vibe? Super. Dandy. All that and a box of candy.

But wait! There’s more. You rub my back, I rub yours. (Figuratively, of course, except for at least one lucky one of you — and you know who you are…) See? I’m a giver. You leave me comments, I give you something in return. I, being the kind, karma-ish person that I am, will think lovely and wonderful thoughts about each and every one of you who comments. I’ll wish you happy things like money, cars, and mind-blowing sex. See? Fair’s fair.

So, whaddya say…do we have a deal?

12 thoughts on “humor me…

  1. Aub-
    love reading your site. You’re a very talented writer!!!
    AND….can’t wait for all of Ali’s fun wedding festivities!!!!
    write me soon and let me know what’s up.
    who are you working for these days?

  2. Ali is engaged??? That’s so exciting- congrats, Ali, if you read this! And Aub, your writing is superb, but I can’t imagine where you find the time to write all this stuff!
    – Mandy

  3. aubrey, i wasn’t surprised at all to hear about doug and kristen taking the next step. good for them. i’m just not sure i can make a wedding in vegas in the next few weeks. all these shotgun ceremonies are robbing my bank account. tootles,

  4. I think that the plague and disease are probably over running sub saharan africa because you pay more attention to this website than you do assessing epidemiological sofware for the CDC

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