I survived. (And by "survive", note that I mean "just barely by the skin of my teeth.") What I really did was not perish.

‘Twas amazing, ’twas worth two days of hangovers that have allowed my total caloric consumption to equal 120 calories.

That equates to 2 packs of peanuts on the last plane, 60 cals. each, for any who were calculating.

And yet, as said before, ’twas worth it.

I attended a movie premiere.


I FINALLY met the lovely Willo in person.


I hung with two of my all-time-faves, Mr. Newman and Mrs. Hearn (who, yes, really are that respectively hunky and foxy in person. Yes, I’m a lucky lass.)

I met the lovely Dooce (and amazingly enough, didn’t accost her and gush just as much as you think I would, though not for her lack of deservedness…the keynote with MFKottke was outstanding.)


I hung at the Red Bull House more than I think I even remember, though the last evening involved more drinks and a guitar room and, hmm, I really really don’t know what else. Debauchery, I’m sure.


I met the lovely Tony Pierce (who may just rival me for best drunk blogger ever)


and Marc of Buzznet (thanks guys!)


and Erik & Daniel of 43 Things who, in just being *THAT COOL* is enough incentive for me to finally update my (long-outdated) 43T list (if not to add them to my permanent internet crush-o-meter that continues to grow. Sigh – brilliant hunks. Adoration galore.)

Yep, it was a lovefest all around, complete with MJ’s signature red kisses everywhere.

More to come as I continue to review evidence of a long few, fabulous, fantastic days.

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